Consultations are available in person (where practical), via Skype, Zoom or Phone. All consultations are recorded. Written analysis is also available for an additional fee. Please contact me via email prior to purchasing a service, in order to discuss your exact requirements and arrange a suitable date and time.

Natal Analysis

An analysis of temperament & character traits – an in-depth description of your personality and what makes you you!


Natal Analysis & One Year Forecast

Additional to the natal analysis the forecast provides a guide to future themes & trends in your life. This can be general or focused on a particular area such as career or relationships.



An option for existing clients who want to “check-in” or explore a specific theme.


Solar Return

A look at the year ahead using your Astrological birthday.


Career, Vocational or Sport Analysis

An analysis of how best to utilize your skills from a career or sport perspective.


Relationships & Synastry

Whether romantic, family or professional, this analysis explores the dynamics & synastry between two people. Permission is required from both parties.


Karmic Analysis

This analysis delves deep into your soul’s past, present and future evolutionary journey



Analysis & forecasting are limited without a correct birthtime – rectification is a technique that determines the most likely birthtime allowing you to get the most out of your astrological consultation.



Getting married, launching a new business or buying a house? An election can provide you with the most auspicious, favourable date and time for any important event.


Locational Analysis

Thinking of moving or working abroad? Find out how the location resonates with you.



Medical Astrology: coming soon…….

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please contact me via email to discuss your requirements and book a date and time before purchasing any product.
  2. Bookings are transferable to another person.
  3. Any birth information provided must be that of the client, or have full consent from the third party.
  4. Although medical, legal or financial matters may be discussed in a consultation Lianne McCafferty is not professionally qualified to definitively answer any questions regarding such matters.
  5. Lianne McCafferty holds any information provided by & discussed with clients in the strictest of confidence.
  6. Lianne McCafferty holds no responsibility for the quality of a client’s internet connection. If  any technical complications render an internet-based consultation impossible, the consultation can be completed via telephone by mutual agreement. If any complications are as a result of Lianne McCafferty’s internet connection, Lianne McCafferty will reschedule the consultation at no extra cost.
  7. The client understands that Lianne McCafferty cannot be held responsible for any advice given & that the consultation is for entertainment purposes only, as pertaining to UK law.