UPDATED: a self induced tsunami …………Boris Johnson – King Canute Overwhelmed & Washed up

The scrutiny of Boris Johnson’s leadership & integrity continues with seismic shockwaves unearthing domestic, financial and skeletons in his closet, as well as a “yet to be proven” lack of empathy for the fate of the people he governs.

Simply put, Solar Arc Uranus currently sitting on his secretive Scorpio Moon (exact 25th Jan 2021) tells all. The Moon rules his Cancer Midheaven, so it would be fair to say that even with Boris’ ability to wriggle out of any form of accountability, it’s questionable whether his tenure as PM will survive further shockwaves. Watching Parliament Question Time today, Boris’ explosive reactions showed just how high he is climbing on the Richter Scale both emotionally and professionally……

Boris Johnson’s leadership is increasingly under scrutiny. Recent dishevelled (even more so than normal) appearances propagate the numerous rumours floating in the media, from financial troubles, relationship difficulties, general incompetence to questions around his sobriety.

His usual defensive stance, bluster and ability to deflect responsibility (just look at that Grand Trine of Moon, Pisces Saturn and Sun/Venus) was clearly lacking in parliament last Wednesday when questioned by the Shadow deputy leader. Boris looked nothing but weary and may as well have worn a sign around his neck saying, “Help, get me out of here. I didn’t sign up for any of this!” And well he might – this is a heavy year by any astrological standards – but will he last the course and go onto finish his term in office, especially now faced with the “second wave” and mounting pressure to reinstate restrictions. As well as more Brexit!

A quick rundown of Boris’ astrological weather via both his natal & PM Appointment chart shows some interesting themes for the next few months:

Neptune conjoining his 6th house Chiron[1] this year could well indicate health problems – Neptune also rules his 6th – already seen with his hospitalization through Covid19 in the Spring. This is not just about his personal health though; in his words this is about the “collective health” of the nation.

Neptune is also raining on his natal Mercury[2] which tightly squares Chiron (00 321). In simple terms he is in pain, utterly confused and lacks clarity in his messaging, and with Chiron the apex to a T-Square with Mercury opposite Lilith no wonder he won’t submit or back down ,and appears lost in his own shadow or version of the truth (but that is another article in itself…).

Saturn triggering his Moon Mars quincunx[3] this year will be adding to his emotional stress – you only have to look at his drooping shoulders & heavy eyes to see he feels a heavy burden, both politically and personally – Moon rules his Midheaven and Mars rules his house of relationships.

His progressed/directed MC conjoined Uranus in August so career-wise he is in shaky territory with added pressure from his progressed AC square Saturn in December. Uranus has been transiting  his 8th house since May (briefly dipping back into his 7th in November then back into the 8th March 2021 when it will settle in for the next 7-8 years) so all sorts of commitments will be unstable & under threat, particularly relationships & finances which may well need extra attention when his progressed Moon conjoins Juno in October.[4] It will be interesting to see if any skeletons are pulled out of the closet (or buried deeper) around then – Juno does not like the wool pulled over her eyes nor to reveal her full hand!

The June Solar Eclipse at 000Cancer conjoined  his North Node – and this certainly appears to a life-changing year for him, with more to come in November/December with the 080 Gemini Lunar Eclipse and 230 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse triggering his Gemini gang of Sun Venus Mercury Mars. And of course, let’s not leave out the Capricorn heavy mob of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto moving through his 4th.

Looking from the perspective of his PM Appointment chart is fascinating (no time available, therefore set to noon):

Boris’ has a distinct lack of cardinal planets which his PM Appointment chart compensates for in abundance, its heavy opposition filling in the empty axis in Boris’ natal, particularly weighing down his 4th house. And it is this pressured and reactionary chart which perhaps reveals more of the professional than personal.

The standout Cardinal T-Square of Mercury/Venus opposite Pluto square Moon apex (assuming for the Moon the appointment via the Queen was sometime late morning/early afternoon) picks up the heart of the storm, the cardinal degrees of 21-26 triggered by the three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions of 2020, but also a fired up transiting Mars strong in domicile squaring Jupiter Saturn & Pluto

  • 29th Sept     Saturn stations direct 25CAP20 in its second square to Mars Rx 25CAP20[5]
  • 9th Oct          Mars Rx square Pluto 22CAP29[6]          
  • 19th Oct        Mars Rx square Jupiter 19CAP27[7]
  • 12th Nov     Jupiter conjunct Pluto 22CAP21[8] triggering degree of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Mars is pulling the trigger, initiating the need to make swift decisions and take drastic action but also igniting the anger and trapped feeling of the nation as parliament enforces restrictions to their daily activities. Yet many seem to be taking decisions into their own hands and Boris’ words on 22nd September “we will put more police out on the streets and use the army to backfill if necessary” carry a clear “Mar-tial” warning. How seriously this will be taken remains to be seen….

Just to compound things, Mars will form a tight T-Square with the nodal axis as it stations directs at 15ARI14 on 13th November (which is also the same degree as Boris’ ever-hopeful Jupiter Neptune opposition) and it is not  beyond the realms of possibility that we may see fireworks between the people of the nation and parliament.

December 21st brings the seismic societal shift of Jupiter Saturn conjunct at 00AQU29 – this could be a pivotal time for the Prime Minister and government as the PM Appointment Sun is opposed.

Looking beyond into 2021 Mars completes it’s third set of squares with Jupiter and Saturn in January paving the way for the catalytic Saturn Uranus squares[9] which will aggravate the PM Appointment chart’s Mars & Uranus as well as Boris’ Jupiter. Incidentally this also falls on the UK 1801 Venus Mars square, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there is further fracture and crises in the UK economy as well as make or break in foreign & domestic relations.

Boris’s survival as PM is certainly challenged in the near future, and with ongoing health and personal issues it will be surprising if he completes his term in office. Time will tell.

….when one ignores the lapping waves of an incoming tide, before you know it the rocks will be covered leaving you stranded…..

To be continued….

[1] T Neptune conjunct Chiron 18/03/20, 10/10/20, 15/01/21

[2] T Neptune square Mercury   02/02/20, 19/09/20, 02/02/21

[3] T Saturn square Moon          30/03/20, 22/06/20, 22/12/20 & trine Mars 20/04/20, 31/05/20, 31/12/20

[4] 01/10/20

[5] The first was 26CAP19 24th August, the third and final 03AQU20 13th January 2021

[6] 13th August 23CAP05 #1 & 23rd December 23CAP55 #3

[7] 04th August 19CAP44 #1 & 23rd January 2021 08AQU #3

[8] 05th April 24CAP53 #1 & 30th June 24CAP06 #3

[9] 17th February 2021 07AQU11 #1, 14th June 13AQU07 #2, 24th December 11AQU05 #3

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