Happy New Year 2022

2021 was yet again a difficult year for many of us with the Saturn Uranus squares. At times we took great leaps forward and sometimes we limped or took a step back. Although there will still be bumps in the road during 2022 with Saturn Uranus remaining in orb, particularly in October, there is a softer energy emerging with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Hopefully this will bring a much needed sense of togetherness and adaptability as we move forwards.

On a personal note I have many exciting astrological articles and talks which I am preparing and look forward to sharing throughout the year. Watch this space!

But also, I will be sharing more of my lifetime involvement in sport from an astrological perspective and my current journey as I train for my Shotokan Karate Black Belt and 1st Dan. I will be 50 in 2022 so this is a very special goal for me having been successful professionally in one sport and now finding myself heading to a milestone in another. It’s never too late to change paths and redirect your skills, whatever they may be….

….. now…

…from this…

But I am not alone on this journey. My beautiful Aquarian son, Alexander, who will be 11 this year is also training for his Black Belt.

We have lots of hard work ahead with regards to our training, most of which we will enjoy and some of which in all honesty we will not as it is undoubtedly tough. But for sure we will grow and face the challenges ahead.

Best Wishes to you all for 2022

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