The Capricorn Generation

By request, I’m posting a paper I wrote in 2018 on this pivotal generation. It’s fascinating to read in hindsight, particularly regarding the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction…..

The Capricorn Saturn Uranus Neptune Generation

Copyright Lianne McCafferty

This generation, born 1988-1996 during the start of two new cycles in Capricorn[1] (Saturn Neptune & Uranus Neptune), [2] will during the next few years’ experience the start of more new cycles transiting their natal conjunction, Jupiter Pluto & Saturn Pluto.[3]Also notable is the oldest of this era (the triple conjunction’s 1988-1991[4]) are within proximity of their first Saturn Return & in particular will feel the pure, cardinal strength of Saturn returning to domicile.  Driven by both an internal & external review & strong sense of mission to pave the way for progression, this is their chance to stamp their signature on the world. The height of the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction was also a peak in world birth rates the highest ever recorded,[5] so this vast group with their collective connection are bound to influence mass social change & the direction of history.

Their signature has a Capricorn hallmark, a Saturnian brand of seriousness, responsibility & self-determination to succeed, particularly in those with the triple conjunction, with integrity which may sometimes be missed in translation due to the presence of Uranus & Neptune. Uranus, not wanting to be confined, finds unique, innovative solutions & ways around (or through!) barriers, whilst Saturn is cautious & upstanding so there is an unpredictable mix of authority & anarchy. Neptune permeates everything with a softer edge & combined with Uranus’ philanthropic eagerness to address & reinvent that which is bigger than the individual creates a collective longing to build a sustainable yet flexible futurewhere social & spiritual development transcends outdated indoctrination. With a mass sensitivity to uniqueness & impetus to fight for individual as well as collective rights they will refuse to be imprisoned by the past or status quo. They also want answers that can be validated & when sceptical are unafraid to experiment before incorporating (Uranus) or discarding (Saturn) new information & ideals rather than just accepting the given word.

Here there is a potential contest between the Gods of Earth, Sky & Sea, a conundrum enclosed & bound by Saturn. Its role as a conduit to society for the Uranus/Neptune trans-personal energies provides a potential source of difficulty as in its most concentrated form[6] it can give structure to their group ideals, but also wants to be in charge & impose limits. Uranus/Neptune want things done in a unique, creative & humane way rather than patriarchally & uncompromisingly so depending on how the conjunction contacts personal planets natally, this generation has potential to be highly strung & frustrated if they feel too constrained or forced to fit in. Neptune provides potential for doubt in anything not water tight & Saturn can contribute to emotional blockage, so anxiety is a possibility as well as fanaticism in those fixed believing what they do is right even when wrong. So, the territory is laid for these demanding combined energies to bring extremes & it is perhaps not until they find their niche, or a certain stage of maturity is reached (Saturn Return?) that consistency in the application of their talents is reached.

The heavens imprint all at birth & the mark of these planets was evident as the first of this generation were born. December 1988 as all three planets finally settled together in Capricorn together, Saturn & Uranus began to manifest via the public utilization of cutting edge, innovative designs dreamt up behind the scenes by imaginative Neptune[7] – the first transatlantic fibre optic cable[8] leading to better US/European connections – all three planets working beneficially to transcend a vast oceanic barrier, connecting people more easily via the practical manifestation of global technology.

Later that month demonstrated the other extreme of crusading for a cause, the Lockerbie Pan-Am tragedy,[9] the explosive bringing down to earth of a mighty structure through clandestine & fanatical means. Eerily, the plane carrying international passengers, was named “Maid of the Seas” completing the triplicity of Earth, Air & Water.

Whichever path they take, this generation will utilize the innovations & social developments of their birthtime[10] on a mass communal level to achieve their aims, whether through religious extremism or initiative enterprise & innovation. When channelled appropriately, their cardinal energy can bring structured initiative, aiding their futuristic vision to permeate society & gain a foothold in reality.In hoping for a more fluid platform of ideologies inclusive of freedom & diversity, developing & establishing non-mainstream beliefs may not always sit well with conservative establishment who may see them as rebellious or disruptive but nonetheless highly entrepreneurial & creative.

With Uranus the higher octave of Mercury, much of their innovation is around communication. With Neptune they have a collective mind, objective Uranus acting as an antenna to broadcast often-subjective ideas on a mass level. 1989 saw the introduction of the World Wide Web, the foundations of the modern internet, stratospheric in its global reach.[11] Born into a revolutionary way of connecting, they use this to spread their word globally at the touch of a button & will always fight for freedom of speech. Facebook is the new form of neighbours gossiping over the fence. Much of their lives is built around smartphones, social media & technology & if not using it to organise their lives & multi-task[12] they are exploiting it as a form of employment, a vessel for their talents & source of wealth & fame, such as YouTubers, social media stars & entrepreneurs.[13] Media is no longer just a form of entertainment & relaxation, but a way of existing.

There is undoubtedly a wave of celebrity worship & narcissism & a quick search of notable stars suggests they are mostly actors/singers, sports & internet stars gaining instant transparent recognition & approval through millions of hits, likes & dislikes.[14] “The Internet allows the masses to wrest control of fame from traditional media, creating micro-celebrities with the click of a mouse.”[15] This sense of perfection & desire for being more exceptional is very Capricorn, yet the high standards are clothed in botoxed, cosmetic Neptune illusion meaning only the best is broadcast resulting in disillusionment with reality. Arguably, despite infinite creative potential this a Neptune epidemic, they are addicted to technology & unable to function without it in their era of communication & information – as Marx said “religion is the opiate of the masses” & this generation’s opiate is screen & internet. Although there is potential genius amongst some, perhaps through different ways of processing information, there can also be a price in that such vast creative, nervous energy bringing so much early success & power can result in potential fragility, such as the tragic tale of Avicii.[16]

The previous 1820s Uranus-Neptune conjunction produced geniuses, pioneers & leaders revolutionising people’s lives with the likes of Braille (communication), the electromagnet & first mechanical computer (technology). [17], This group, born when the likes of the Hubble Telescope & Ulysses probe were launched & the first car with built-in GPS[18] (definitely a higher Mercurial octave) will use scientific innovation to break down frontiers, so as well as further pioneering space exploration Neptune may feature more through exploration of the ocean floor, one of the greatest uncharted areas, sea-stations making new discoveries as well as space-stations. Anything that can be imagined can be made real (no more demonstrated by the rise in 3-D printing) & this group will ensure communicative innovations benefit both domestically & globally.1990, the first hole in the ozone layer over the North Pole was discovered, so finding innovative new ways of being responsible for ecological stability will feature as mechanical meets nature.

Uranus provides a futuristic upgrade of anything Mercurial, so travel, education, monetary systems & environmental protection will progress. If it can be dreamed it can be designed & implemented, & inrefusing to restrict reality to the ground under their feet, geniuses & leaders bringing about much-needed breakthroughs may be unveiled.

Politically, Uranus/Neptune are easily disillusioned by restrictive structures. Born as Germany reunified, the USSR dismantled & Nelson Mandela released from prison,[19] favouring democracy & liberalism they are driven by replacing outdated government policies & economic standards with progressive new forms of equality, togetherness & acceptance (they are innately more ethnically diverse than previous generations). Uranus/Neptune shake up & enlighten beliefs so humanitarian issues are key areas of interest – Uranus could be described as asexual, Neptune fluid & Capricorn normalising, so sexuality/gender issues are void amongst this group as they focus more on the mind of the person than its vessel. The same with spirituality, organised forms of religion rejected partly due to their open scepticism but also due to blending of ideologies & focus on solving life’s more practical questions via a brotherhood of humanity & social cohesion.

Although ambitious, they will always look to work smarter & make life easier on an everyday level (there’s an App for everything). Ever-committed Saturn will aspire to climb the highest mountains, bridging Heaven & Earth to manifest dreams & ideals & with so much innovation, diversity & global merging, anything non-mainstream may find a solid foothold. But as always with Uranus it can go either way, so there is risk that some lose touch with reality as it becomes more & more virtual.

During the next decade these natives will at some point have all social & outer planets in one sign concurrently through a mix of natal & transiting energies, putting extreme focus on their Capricorn brand & future. This is a key evolutionary point & coming of age, & although some will initiate personal transformation for many changes will be beyond their control, especially withthe Saturn Pluto conjunction 2020.[20] This will likely bring restructuring of governing, corporate structures & financial systems & historically this pairing has coincided with war & its aftermath,[21] Pluto in Capricorn the fall of empires & dynasties then new nations forming.[22]

Heavyweight Saturn & Pluto, the Great Devourer Kronos & King of the Underworld Hades together are a ruthless, relentless energy impossible to resist. They are likely to impose some kind of limit on freedom of movement or resources, meaning crisis involving the destruction of an existing order & creation of a new one during which there will be a greater sense of struggle. The Triple Generation in particular, already facing a personal review of what’s working vs what’s not with their Saturn Return, may find growing maturity & foresight preparing them to manage such change realistically, revealing their full potential as they discard anything holding them back.

They will particularly feel the effects of Pluto[23] empowering their ideals, goals & many aspects of their world as many elements of life such as relationships, job situations & finances will be under pressure, bringing profound personal changes but also leaving society unrecognizable from before. Saturn Pluto may endow this forward-thinking generation with a steely determination to apply their vision & innovation into making dynamic & irrevocable change on a global scale, so may work harder than ever to bring reality to ideals, harness innovation & breed success from adversity.

As reputations fall & class, social status diminishes as a measure of success, innovative ethical actions may stand for more regardless of background, in everything from politics to law & order. They may have to manage crises, take responsibility for a global revamp, redistribution of power or test the capacity & integrity of those handed power but will be empowered to structure a new wave of innovation & vision. Whether by invite or by forcibly seizing charge, this generation could step up as a new authority perhaps taking over from establishment, demanding fair & diverse use of power focused on social justice. They may be consulted for their different perspective & way of thinking as well as technological skills to find abstract answers that can bring success even when against the odds, so in themselves a global resource & solution.

In the UK Brexit is the biggest political situation these have faced as adults, so the economic & social repercussions will be a test of their innovation & initiative.

Saturn Pluto will scrutinise corporate & economic systems[24] & there has already been a fall on the High Street & collapse of major established brands such as ToysRUs, Mothercare, House of Fraser & Carillion. Here is a double-edged source as internet shopping has undoubtedly contributed to the demise of these institutions (online-only shops have far less overheads) but also key is this generation trust the “pop-up” opinions & experiences of their ‘friends” more than establishment, so brand loyalty switches by the minute thus contributing to the downfall. Additionally, business-wise they may have different concepts of success, dreaming up new more flexible ways of doing business rather than being forced to scale or commit to the corporate mountain. For example, many young musicians/artists are forming their own bespoke, small labels instead of signing to multi-national brands, self- promoting easily online.

Business means money & as the current economy is squeezed Uranus in Taurus[25] enters the picture, providing free-flow to radical new financial ideas & means of exchange (social media crowd-funding is the current favourite). Uranus will also provide opportunity for them to cultivate their uniqueness in society & foster their relationship with the Earth. Saturn Pluto may threaten this generation’s Capricorn need for security, inspiring them to create not only new forms of cyber-protection, whether individual identity, money or innovations, but also the environment. So virtual protection as well as physical.

This is where Jupiter has a key part, entering Capricorn December 2019 bringing an abundance of initiative & confidence to this generation. Jupiter Pluto, meeting three times in Capricorn,[26] can bring excessive confident & optimism but also power struggles as vision is heightened & dreams of power fuelled, so this generation will be triggered to act. Where older generations may fear failure, scarcity & loss of status, this generation may be ripe for opportunity & initiative.

Importantly, soon after Jupiter’s ingress it is joined by a solar eclipse, emphasizing its entrance & all that is Saturn Pluto. According to Bernadette Brady this eclipse suggests “sudden ending of associations…” & “…. a sense of traumatic transformation.” [27]  So we may see the judgement & fall from power of anything or anyone hypocritical, unethical or corrupt, leaving room for a new generation to revolt & rise in influence as they protect their future from threat.

Despite seemingly difficult times, hope & confidence will arise through fiery Jupiter igniting enthusiasm, ambition to achieve success & bring vision to life.  The utilization of this power may differ between these people, from positive fresh perspective creating constructive change, to personal fanatic gain. Each will have their own view on what success & power means[28]so potentially can be used for positive growth or to destroy if Jupiter over-stresses extreme tendencies & beliefs. The youngest of the generation, those without Saturn in their conjunction may be more prone to any negative effects of these energies, less cautious & more rash in the face of perceived oppression or limitation. So, people of this generation may clash with each other, leading to revolt & conflict upsetting the structure of social control. Global safety, already seeing an upsurge of terror-related violence may be further compromised with intense fear & confusion, Jupiter acting as a tipping point for extremists.

Jupiter & Saturn never quite meet in Capricorn instead 00 Aquarius in 2020,[29] tapping into the Uranus zeitgeist of this generation, a blend of hope, vision & realism bringing great alteration in common causes & sustained growth in communicative innovation. 2023/24 Pluto follows into Aquarius when societal change will really lift off, again with the Capricorn Generation pivotal.

Concluding, this generation are Rebels with A Cause fighting for human rights. Initiators, inventors, networkers & communicators, they are tuned into a social consciousness via technology, aspiring to higher levels of both mental & ethereal processing. They are future leaders, particularly those with Saturn completing the conjunction, transiting Jupiter Saturn Pluto forcing the release of their abilities & setting them on the path to rise from adversity individually & collectively. Uranus in Taurus will help them cultivate their diverse mentality, offering ways to break through old forms, to restructure & refine the very foundations of society as a new order of Aquarian energy pours information & understanding into a well of knowledge for all.

Lianne McCafferty 21/08/18

[1]  Saturn in Capricorn (14 Feb 88-9 June 88, 12 Nov 88-6 Feb 91), Uranus (15 Feb 88-27 May 88, 03 Dec 88-01 Apr 95, 08 June 1995-11 Jan 96), Neptune (19 Jan-22 June 1984, 21 Nov 1984-28 Jan 98).

[2]  Saturn conjunct Neptune (exact 3 Mar 89, 24 June 89, 13 Nov 89), Saturn conjunct Uranus (this only occurred 27Sagittarius49, they never conjoined in Capricorn). Uranus conjunct Neptune (exact 2 Feb 93, 19 Aug 93, 25 Oct 93).

[3]  tJupiter conjunct tPluto (05 Apr 20 ~25 Cap, 30 June 20 ~24 Cap, 12 Nov 2020 22 Cap 48) & tSaturn conjunct tPluto 12 Jan 2020,

[4]  Triple conjunction Feb-May 1988, then Dec 88-Feb 91.


[6]  Saturn of Capricorn, so is in domicile in the triple conjunction.

[7] Neptune was in Capricorn from 1984.



[10] For example, 1992 The Maastricht Treaty aas signed, Apartheid ended, the Church Of England voted to allow female priests, 1995 Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the Mir Space Station for the first time.


[12] Amazon’s Alexa & various other “apps”.


[14] The likes of singer Taylor Swift & Youtubers PewdiePie & Ryan Higa.

[15] David Weinberger of the Harvard Berkman Centre for Internet and Society.


[17] Uranus Neptune in Capricorn 1821-1828.

[18] Hubble Telescope 24/04/90, Ulysses launched 06/10/90, Mazda first car with built in GPS 1990.

[19] 1989 saw the Cold War end, 1990 reunification of Germany & release of Mandela. 1991 dismantling of the USSR.

[20] Saturn entered Capricorn December 2017 for a three-year stay. Saturn leaves Capricorn 22/03/2020 re-enters Rx Capricorn 02/07/2020, then Aquarius 17/12/2020. Will conjoin Pluto 12/01/2020 at 22Cap45.

[21] Saturn Pluto in Cancer October 1914-May 1915 during the early stages of WWI. August 1947 the Cold War began Saturn Pluto in Leo & November 1982 Saturn Pluto Libra many regional wars were in progress, especially Iran-Iraq.

[22] Historically, Pluto in Capricorn has seen such events as the American Revolution, Declaration of independence & the Aztec (1519) & Inca (1531) empires conquered.

[23] Pluto entered Capricorn: 26/01/2008, Rx into Sagittarius 15/06/2008, Re-entered Capricorn 27/11/2008 until 23/03/2023. Enters Aquarius: 23rd March   2023 then Rx into Capricorn 12/06/2023 & re-enters Aquarius 21/01/2024. Since 2008 Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 so all in this group will have Pluto pass over their natal conjunctions, some more than once by retrograde.

[24] Saturn in Capricorn 1900-1903 New York Stock Exchange crashes & 1929-32 financial depression.

[25] Uranus in Taurus will trine the Capricorn conjunctions 2018 – 2026.

[26] Jupiter conjunct Pluto 05/04/2020 (~25 Cap), 30/06/2020 (~24 Cap), 12/11/2020 (22 Cap 48). Then Jupiter sextile Pluto 03/05/2022 280, Jupiter square Pluto 18/06/2023 70, Jupiter trine Pluto 03/06/2024 20. Jupiter sesquiquadrate Pluto 13/12/2024 150 30, 17 Apr2025 18047, 24 June 2025 30 20.

[27] Jupiter ingresses Capricorn 02/12/2019-19/12/2020. Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter 4°07 Capricorn 26/12/2019, part South Saros Series 3 South. There is further eclipse involvement hitting the Cancer solstice point opposite Capricorn ASE 21/06/2020 0Can21 then ALE 5/07/2020 13 Cap58. Saros Series 4 North.

[28] 1984-85 British government’s closure of coal mines led to social unrest, & storming of Golden Tempe in India led to Indira Ghandi’s assassination. In 2008, along with Pluto, the collapse of unsustainable boom in global economy & attacks on bankers.

[29] Jupiter conjunct Saturn 21/12/2020, 00 29 Aquarius. With Saturn ruling the triple conjunction & Saturn co-ruler of Aquarius this is significant.

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