Relocated Boris Johnson!!

A very quick post…….

We’re all by now familiar with Boris Johnson’s natal chart but an important point to consider is it’s location. Boris was born in New York but when his chart is relocated to London there is a different, but very resonant spin on things.

His angles become mutable with a Sagittarius Ascendant shouting out his over confidence and spin. His relationship with the truth. Bluff, whitewashing and lack of attention to detail. All arguably shadow traits of Sagittarius.

Mars falls on the Descendent, so London would always be a place of conflict and challenge.

Transit Pluto is trine the Virgo MC – no wonder he is clinging onto power using his “sense of duty and the mandate to the people” as his raison d’etre. No matter, Pluto will eventually alter the course of his life.

Transit Neptune is applying to the IC so the very foundations of his life will be cast adrift over the coming year or so.

Transit Saturn is also opposing his progressed Leo Sun, piling on more pressure and sense of responsibility but also perhaps fortifying his egotistical sense of entitlement.

Will he go right now? Quite possibly, but I really wouldn’t be surprised if he survives the next few weeks, ducking and diving, but with a crunch point in August when directed Saturn opposes his natal Moon. Watch out for his domestic situation altering, including Carrie. Additionally the Solar Eclipse in October at 02Scorpio  will be conjunct his Moon.  However, it could be argued that his natal Scorpio Moon at 00degrees is fundamental to his refusal to move from 10 Downing street where his home and powerbase are inextricably intertwined.

To be continued….

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