The Midheaven/IC Axis – My Lighthouse Experience

Just a few words on the MC/IC axis after a day trip to a local heritage site – a decommissioned Lighthouse of all things! I took this photo standing at the bottom of the building, anticipating the climb and its many steep steps (far more than can be seen in this image). I had an idea of what I hoped and wanted to be at the top, just as we do in life, but actually, the only way to find out for sure would be to climb -the stairs twisted and turned and I knew there were some landings and space for rest and reflection, yet the pinnacle was obscured. But I decided to enjoy every step of the climb, something we perhaps don’t always do in our daily lives.

The Midheaven of course represents where we are heading in life, what we aspire to become and where we want to end up materially. The IC is where we come from, our roots and foundation, and sometimes it just feels safer to stay there. What resonated with me in this photo as much as the spiral staircase, is the huge iron/steel pole supporting the structure. The MC/IC axis is also a skeletal core structure to the natal chart and of course the MC is traditionally associated with Capricorn.

We need to be strong to climb those steps, we need to keep aspiring and continue climbing. We also need to take a little pause now and then to enjoy the view, especially when its felt hard and that we’ve been challenged just a bit too much. It’s fine to sit awhile and reward ourselves for how hard we’ve worked and how far we’ve come.

But then we must pick ourselves up again – there’s a light at the end of the journey, and hopefully an even better view. So it made me think. Is the MC like a light guiding us on our life journey as it winds its way, a beacon pulling us forward, onwards and upwards? Something worth thinking about anyway.

Oh, and the view was well worth the climb………

Copyright Lianne McCafferty

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