Out Of The Box Leo Eclipse – “If I speak out for myself, I speak out for society.”


Wednesday 31st Jan sees Mercury move in to Aquarius which impels trapped thoughts & ideas to break free. Progressive, experimental even shocking concepts could spurt forth as well as flashes of insight – keep a notebook handy as they may be gone as suddenly as they arrive. Also, watch out for speaking before you’ve even managed to process the thoughts!!

Some of us may already be feeling the effects of this with the Lunar Eclipse at 110 Leo the same day bringing communications or ideas to a head.

Mercury is simply the impartial messenger of this Leo/Aquarius Eclipse & it will be interesting to see what news is unveiled around the 7th February when Mercury crosses the eclipse point (along with Venus sextile Uranus providing opportunities to break free of the mould precedented by Venus opposition North Node 29th January.)

We will see a continuation of the current MASS feminine revolt, but now even more focused on the “IF I SPEAK OUT FOR MYSELF, I SPEAK OUT FOR SOCIETY.” This message is reinforced when looking at the Moon (feminine) ruled Eclipse Chart with the communicative, educational, expansive & judicial axis highlighted, with the rest of the chart swinging around the Moon, in the spotlight……

leo eclipse

All paving the way for Uranus’s May 2018 ingress into Taurus ……which is to be covered in a more detailed post currently in progress, but coming soon…..

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