Be Inspired From Within – Jupiter Retrograde 2019


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Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System & therefore aptly associated with optimism, opportunity, generosity & growth has now entered a Retrograde period for a few months.

Retrograde motion describes a period where a planet appears to travel backwards when viewed from Earth  due to a combination of the particular planet travelling at a different speed to the Earth & being at its furthest point from the Sun.


Jupiter stationed 9th April 2019 at 240 Sagittarius & will resume direct motion when it reaches 140 Sagittarius  on 11th August, so anyone with planets between 140-240 will have already undergone a Jupiter transit this year. These will have been experienced most strongly by those with their 140-240 planets in the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces as well as the Fire signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittairus. Especially take note if your Rising Sign is Sagittarius as Jupiter is your Ruling Planet as this is evermore meaningful for you.!

Jupiter will now “retransit” those planets in reverse motion before turning direct for a another “retransit” August onwards. Simply put, Jupiter will transit your 140-240 planets three times this year.

So what Jupiter is now doing, or any retrograde transiting planet for that matter, is ensuring its job is done properly by “retransiting”, or going over the same thing more than once just to make you reflect, take stock & absorb the opportunities, message or wisdom that is being offered to you. Jupiter is re-iterating its point!


Jupiter tends to bring growth to whatever it touches – anything from academic endeavours, mental capacity, beliefs & philosophies, career or even physical stature – it all depends which natal planets it triggers & in which part of your natal chart. (Read more New To Astrology?)

Traditionally know as “the greater benefic” it is often assumed Jupiter brings “all that is good” & very often it does result in pleasant, positive outcomes. But it is prudent to understand that Jupiter probably doesn’t differentiate in what it brings growth to or exaggerates. For example, whenever Jupiter touches the Scorpio Midheaven of a particular client she gets drawn into some form of domestic conflict, probably also aggravated by her natal propensity to fiercly fight for her personal beliefs & values. Similarly, if your Venus particularly suited to indulgence of any kind, Jupiter will most like accecerbate this. So too much of a good thing & all that glitters is not always gold……


So what does this particular Jupiter Retrograde mean in practical terms?

Firstly, Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Sagittarius, so is currently in Domicile – its strength here is pure & unharnessed – anything academic, philosphical or legal will particularly undergo enthusiastic, visionary growth. But any grand idea, personal cause or crusade, even plans for travel or adventure will be injected with a healthy dose of firey optimism.

With Jupiter now tracking back, you have an opportunity to review & rework any important ideas, projects & to rethink your horizons if necessary.

But on a more personal level retrograde energy gives us an opportunity to focus inwards. This is the perfect time to review your faith or beliefs or seek answers to spiritual questions. But most importantly, this a time where you can ask “How much faith do I have in myself? How much do I believe in myself?” By simply asking you are tapping into opportunity for personal growth

Look inwards & be inspired from within yourself – wisdom you find now will support you as you venture into the future……




Copyright Lianne McCafferty



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