Updated: Brexit – After a Generous Extension Will The “Big Talk” Become Real?

***Update 08/05/19: it has been confirmed that the UK will take part in the EU elections on 23rd May. So no Brexit before then!!!!***

Carry on reading for orginal post….

Brexit now has an extension of Article 50 until 31st October 2019. An agreement may possibly be passed before this date but judging by recent events its unlikely!

The Astrology of Brexit is incredibly complicated with the numerous charts such as the UK 1066 & 1801, EU, 2016 Referendum, Ireland Partition etc. And now a potential Halloween chart & another if we forsake the EU elections & leave with no deal…see update above.

…..its too much info & even the most competent Astrologer could get tied in knots analysing the strands of sychronicity & common degrees between the charts. So if you want to skip the technical stuff scroll straight to the bottom or read on for a very simplified viewpoint:


Here I’ve looked solely at the EU/UK relationship using composites charts for any indication of when a separation deal is likely:

  • the UK 1801 chart is the formation of the UK with Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  • the UK 1066 chart is William the Conqueror’s coronation, an important milestone in the evolution of Great Britain
  • the EU chart is the formal enforcement of the Maastricht Treaty.

April 9th 2019 saw Jupiter station Retrograde at 240 Sagittarius. The next day the EU council granted the latest Brexit extension. Jupiter often expands things & in Retrograde (see Be Inspired From Within – Jupiter Retrograde 2019)  is calling for a review of the seperation plans & legalities during the generous extension.

Obviously Jupiter alone isn’t responsible for bringing Brexit to a conclusion, the evolutionary bulldozer of irrevocable change that is Saturn Pluto has already been long hard at work ahead of Jupiter. This is now about legalizing the grand, visionary plans for international scale separation & change that Brexit is all about so it can then be manifested into reality.

In both composite charts Jupiter and/or Sagittarius is angular, therefore significant in the UK/EU relationship & in providing insight into how the extension may unfold. Jupiter is about vision, grand plans & legalities – without doubt these topics are being revised again & again from both sides.

1801 cropped 1066 cropped


Both charts share 180 Sagittarius – the 1801/EU composite chart by a romanticised Venus Neptune conjunction (opposing a 10th house Moon at 210 Gemini) & the 1066/EU by Ruling Mercury conjunct the Descendent (closely square exalted & elevated Neptune in the 10th at 200 Pisces). All suggesting idealised international ideas, relations & commerce made communal. Both charts showcasE 180-210 Sagittarius.


Jupiter made its first pass over the Moon Venus/Neptune opposition in February 2019 as Teresa May was frantically trying to win approval for her deal prior to the original March 29th deadline.[1] Bearing in mind the composite Venus rules the 2nd of resources as well as 9th of legalities & foreign communications & with Neptune also significant as Jupiter’s co-ruler of the Pisces Descendent a clear descriptive of idealised foreign relations & finances is enfolding…

Jupiter will retrograde back over the opposition[2] 21st May-25th June. If Brexit still has not happened, 23rd May will see the UK vote for its new MEP’s in the EU elections.

Its final direct pass of the opposition[3] will be 30th September-23rd October just prior to the Halloween deadline……

Similarly,  Jupiter’s first pass over the Mercury/Descendent[4] was 3rd February-19th February, then will retrograde[5] backover 30th May-20th June before a final pass[6] 30th September-11th October.


Importantly, 2019 also sees Jupiter tied into key aspects – Jupiter square Neptune[7], the second pass on June 16th picking up the Venus Neptune & Mercury 180 44 Sagittarius/Pisces which is also picked up by the coinciding Saturn sextile Neptune[8] 180 43 on June 18th. Jupiter Neptune suggests misplaced confidence, unrealism or confusion yet big dreams & plans – fortunately it is suppported by Saturn Neptune bringing real hope that all the grand plans & ideas may well become manifest in reality, perhaps with new solutions being dreamed up. These aspects will complete in October – so again, the astrologicial & political timelines resonate…

With both charts ruled by Mercury & Jupiter/Sagittarius prominent they tell a similar story that until Jupiter completes its 3 passes close to the Halloween deadline the “grand talks & ideas” will not be finally reviewed, revamped & legalised.


But this is only the beginning – these plans will need to be actualised. Jupiter ingresses Capricorn 3rd December 2019 then hits the critical 10 EU/1066 Mars 8th December & it is from here we are likely to see some intialization or formalization of a new EU/UK structure built brick by brick as vision is brought to reality.

The timing is so close to the mighty Saturn Pluto 220 Capricorn conjunction of 12 January 2020 but first both planets will retrograde in 2019 April through October[9] re-iterating the Jupiterian timeline & that review & revamp is needed, the time is not quite right.

Just to add fuel to the fire the December 26th Eclipse at 4 Capricorn falls inbetween the EU/1066 Mars Uranus in the 7th of relationships.  Does this signal a disruptive & uncompromising split?


Brexit is no minor deal, it is an historic evolutionary event not only for the UK & Europe but potentially globally. In this case no wonder it hasn’t happened yet – it’s looking more & more likely its actualization will tie in with the momentous Capricorn conjunction of 2020.

Coming next –  a closer look at the UK charts themselves…….


Copyright L.C. McCafferty 30/04/19






[1] 1801Venus 03/02/19, Neptune 06/02/19 & Moon 2/02/19.

[2] 1801 Moon 21/05/19, Neptune 16/06/19 & Venus 25/05/19.

[3] 1801 Venus 30/09/19, Neptune 04/10/19 & Moon 23/10/19.

[4] 1066 Mercury 03/02/19, Descendent 19/02/19.

[5] 1066 Descendent 30/05/19, Mercury 20/06/19.

[6] 1066 Mercury 30/09/19, Descendent 11/10/19.

[7] Jupiter square Neptune 140 22 13/01/19, 180 43 16/06/19, 170 00 21/09/19.

[8] Saturn sextile Neptune 14054 31/01/19, 180 43 18/06/19, 15058 09/11/19.

[9] Saturn stations Rx 29/04/19 200Capricorn31 then direct17/09/19 130Capricorn54. Pluto stations Rx 24/04/19l 230Capricorn09 then direct 02/10/19 200Capricorn38.

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