FIFA Women’s World Cup – Fertile Ground For Dissolving Tradition

Watching the Women’s World Cup Semi’s from France last night was a fabulous insight to the current evolutionary changes in society.

Significantly it took place during the July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse, emphasizing the gravity of the occasion. Considering women’s soccer was restricted or banned in many countries as late as even the 20th century – Brazil has the most winning men’s soccer team but women were banned from playing  between 1941-1979[1] – only a few years ago who would have imagined that women would be playing professional soccer let alone draw 1 billion viewers, which is the predicted number by this Sunday for the final?

However, this is only the beginning but at the same time a very supercharged, evolutionary step in the right direction – there’s still a long way to go with many mountains to climb such as gaining the same pay & media attention as their long established male counterparts – but this is also an important metaphor for many other aspects in life where not only women, but also many minorities are finally claiming their right to equality.

Now to the Astrology, very briefly!

Looking at the Eclipse Chart set to Lyon, the feminine theme is immediately evident with the Moon ruled eclipse conjoining the Cancer Descendent, with Venus (widely) applying from the 6th.

Venus rules the Taurus IC which has Uranus conjunct within 10 – this is what it’s all about, ripe fertile foundations for societal change. That this Cancer eclipse sextiles the Uranus/IC conjunction (admittedly slightly wide for a sextile but hey, this is supercharged New Moon) shows much opportunity –  the seeds are planted to leave the past behind, for changing habits.

With the mighty Saturn Pluto conjunction opposite (& chart ruler Saturn exactly conjoning the South Node helping restrict any pull to the past), old structures & attitudes are not only being broken down, but slowly dissolved with the help of Neptune (also good for media!!) not only sextile Saturn Pluto, but trine the eclipse itself.

And with a proud, eager & feisty showcase 00 Leo Mars square Uranus fanning the flames of change, the players last night certainly utilized the eclipse to demonstrate the changing gender values & attitudes on a global level.

Copyright L.C. McCafferty 04/07/19

[1] The Week, Jeva Lange,

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