London Terror Attack: The Capricorn Generation – Agents of Change

The tragic events on London Bridge 29th November saw terrorist activities in the UK once again return to the headlines. My heart goes out to all those affected.

What is relevant Astrologically is that the people named so far from those involved belong to the Capricorn generation – according to media reports Jack Merritt was born 1994 & the assailant Usman Khan, 1991. Saskia Jones was born 1996 but without a birthdate we cannot yet be certain if she is included in this group or not. Details of other victims have not yet been released, but I will up date as more information is released.

Briefly, the Capricorn Generation consists of two groups – those with the Triple Conjunction (Stellium) of Saturn, Uranus & Neptune in Capricorn born 1988-1991 which coincided with a peak in the world birth rates[1] – this generation is vast & diverse! The second group consists of the double conjunction of Uranus & Neptune, born 1991- January 1996. Overall, we are looking at those currently aged ~23-32.

The Capricorn Generation was the subject of a paper I wrote in 2018 which was subsequently developed into a talk I gave at the AA Conference & The Astrological Lodge June & October this year. My work on this subject continues to evolve as time goes by & history is made in front of our eyes.

Clearly evident here is the potential for generational natal energies to manifest differently – some fanatically turning against humanity in the name of a cause, others (& thankfully the majority) working & living to improve society:

… “Unlike many of us, Jack (Merritt) did not just go to work. He lived and breathed fire in his pursuit of a better world for all humanity, particularly those most in need,”[2]

Saskia Jones had …. “great passion” for supporting victims of crime. “She was intent on living life to the full and had a wonderful thirst for knowledge, enabling her to be the best she could be….”[3]

Both Jack & Saskia were, ironically, attending a conference on offender rehabilitation, Usman Khan as part of this programme was invited to the conference, granted a one-day exemption to attend from a ban prohibiting him entering London under the terms of his release.

For reference, here is Khan’s chart set to noon. However, the aim of this article is not to decipher the horoscopes of the victims or aggressor, nor delineate the astrological make-up of a terrorist/extremist per se, but to instead explore the impact this generation may have on society, particularly with regard to the impending Saturn Pluto conjunction & Jupiter’s imminent entrance to the foray. All three planets traversing through Capricorn will at some point be triggering this generation’s conjunctions, surely making them major players in societal change during a key evolutionary point for them.

In my paper I discuss the “characteristics” of this generation which include “mass sensitivity to uniqueness & impetus to fight for individual as well as collective rights” & “creative brilliance yet potential for anxiety, disillusionment & fanaticism.” Usman Khan[5] clearly displayed the fanaticism in that he was obsessively determined & destined to communicate & act on fanatical faith-based beliefs (some very brief natal details below).[6] He is obviously an extreme case and to clarify, the manifestation of the Capricorn Generation’s energies will of course depend on its contacts with an individual’s personal planets as well as other natal factors. Moving on, let’s bring in some background perspective….

Moving on, let’s bring in some background perspective….

“……if the Heavens imprint all at birth, looking at when the Triple Conjunction became complete[7] provides a compelling picture. Saturn, Uranus & Neptune finally settled together in Capricorn December 1988, which turned out to be a month of extremes with the Gods of Earth, Sea & Sky setting the scene……”

The First Trans-Atlantic Fibre Optic Cable – the manifestation of cutting edge, innovative technology bringing people together, connecting…


The Lockerbie Pan-Am Tragedy – the manifestation of fanatically crusading for a cause, using technology to disconnect, to destroy…

The chart for the Triple Conjunction Capricorn completion provides valuable insight (key themes here in brief only):

Air Angles: Gemini AC & Uranus MC speak of communication & technology – this generation exist through their technology which is key to their social participation & advancement. This is about belonging to the crowd yet standing out as an individual.

Combust Mercury/Sagittarius conjunct DC, sextile MC: cerebral growth & perspective via others. No limits to free, far-reaching self-expression. Huge mental energy, visionary long-distance talk & information. Forward thinking

Mars in Rulership: trine Mercury/Sun/DC & square Capricorn Stellium: – in the driving seat with visionary, assertive, impatient communications. Impulsive, forceful, perhaps confused initiative. Will not be blocked or bound in when on a mission so potentially fanatical. Ignition at the touch of a fingertip…. whether the keypad of a smartphone posting on social media or otherwise….constructive or destructive initiative!!

Virgo Moon square Saturn Uranus & trine last degree Jupiter which inconjuncts Saturn Uranus: The mood & beliefs of the people are very tied into the conjunction with a need for creativity/innovation/large scale societal change/reconstruction, extremism. Excessive perfectionism, & sense of duty, a need for materialistic stability & clashing with a need for change.  

So, the scene is set, now let’s look at the current stage on which it will be played. Saturn & Pluto soon meet in Capricorn (12/01/2020 at 22Cap26), heavy duty players triggering the zeitgeist of this generation. Historically, Saturn Pluto brings the fall of the mighty & corrupt, wipe-out of stagnant, worn, defunct structures as well as corporate, economic & political crises – much of which we are already witnessing. Indeed, a sense of threat from all quarters.

What is being brought to the fore are ways in which this generation may be instrumental in the future of society. With the Saturn Pluto conjunction steadily closing & Jupiter on the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius the day of this event, a massive failing in the UK justice system via the parole process has been exposed. Now the fabric of legal tradition could be up for scrutiny, ripe for overhaul. As politicians run to cast blame on each other, desperate not to be held accountable for unquestionably an avoidable tragedy, the political system (already in disarray) also falls under the spotlight.

Back in 2018 I wrote “a key initiative would be “protection from threat” & “different concepts of leadership, success & ways of doing business.” Also, “empowerment, steely determination of these forward-thinkers to bring reality to ideals & breed success from adversity.” The latter echoes the sentiments of Jack Merritt’s father, “…He would be seething at his death, and his life, being used to perpetuate an agenda of hate that he gave his everything fighting against.”[8]

Jupiter’s position on the 29th degree of Sagittarius at the time of attack seems like a grand (Jupiter) gesture regarding the justice/legal (Jupiter) system. Ironically in the Triple Conjunction ingress chart, Jupiter sits in the 12th house which can represent confinement & self-undoing.

Khan certainly grasped his opportunity that day – Jupiter was approaching an opposition to[9] his progressed Mars Yod apex & Uranus was triggering his Jupiter Saturn opposition via an exact square to natal Saturn.[10] Both transit Saturn & solar arc Mars were triggering his Neptune.[11] Saturn Pluto have also been triggering his Chironic deep ancestral wounds.[12]

Jupiter has now moved into Capricorn (2nd December), meeting Pluto three times in 2020 (April, June & November) no doubt bringing an abundance of initiative, confidence & passion to this generation.

Jupiter is never small-scale so expect abundant opportunity for positive fresh perspective, constructive change & growth. But returning to the subject of extremes, this could be a potential tipping point for excess intensity, heightened vision & dreams of power/ fanatical personal gain & power struggles. Excessive confidence & optimism to bring about change is likely, no matter which side of perceived good of bad. Over-stressed extreme tendencies & beliefs potentially could lead to revolt & conflict.

We may well see an escalation of terrorism, but we may also see growth in opportunities for justice, to overhaul a defunct system that protects the wrong people from threat. In fact, a justice system that presents a threat in itself.

Looking back at the mythological Gods at play, those of the Earth (Saturn), Sky (Uranus) & Sea (Neptune) throw an interesting parallel – Saturn, the leader & youngest offspring of Uranus, envious of his father’s power castrated him before swallowing his own offspring in case they in turn overthrew him. Jupiter, son of Saturn & born in secret, then forced Saturn to regurgitate his offspring, & then indeed overthrew him. What we may see here in plain reality is outdated, ineffective systems swallowed by their own creativity, overtaken by a new generation & vision.

Returning to the heart of this post, this event will hopefully have ignited enthusiasm & ambition to succeed in bringing a vision for constructive change in the justice system so that protection from threat is realistic, that justice can be applied humanely yet realistically in true Capricorn fashion. Admittedly, extreme circumstances may force change, but without forceful energy behind a vision society ceases to move forward.

As this situation develops lets observe & see if any are held accountable. But without doubt, those involved in the London Bridge incident are tragic agents of change, whether wittingly or not, during significant astrological times.

Copyright Lianne McCafferty 10/12/19

Reference Material:

Neil F Michelson, The American Ephemeris 20th Century at Noon, Revised Edition 1983

[1] ~ 139 million births annually



[5] Born 10/03/1991 Stoke-on-Trent, Wikipedia.

[6] No TOB but Moon in Capricorn all day, likely within orb of conjunct to Uranus Neptune conjunction. Gemini Mars Yod Apex to Scorpio Pluto & Capricorn Neptune. Scorpio Pluto Yod Apex to Aries Venus & Gemini Mars. Pisces Sun contacts both apexes. Combust Mercury trine Leo Jupiter. NB. Saturn, dispositor of the Uranus Neptune conjunction is unaspected other than its opposition to Jupiter.

[7] The Triple Conjunction occurred briefly 15 Feb-27 May 1988. Saturn & Uranus then retrograded back to Sagittarius. Saturn returned to Capricorn November 1988 followed by Uranus 02 December 1988, completing the Triple Conjunction. Data from The American E


[9] Exact 15/12/19

[10] Transit Uranus square natal Saturn 29/11/19 & square natal Jupiter 07/11/19.

[11] Transit Saturn conjunct natal Neptune. SA Mars opposite Neptune 07/09/19

[12] Transit Pluto opposite Chiron in Cancer 25/11/19. Transit Saturn opposite Chiron 31/12/19. Natal Chiron forms a grand water trine to natal Sun and the Pluto (Yod apex).

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