Mars Stations Retrograde today, 09/09/2020 at 28Aries08.

Boris Johnson has announced that some previous lockdown measures in the UK are to be reinstated in an effort to combat the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

Once again we will be restricted to meeting in groups of no more than 6 people except in the workplace & other specified situations, but this time it will be illegal to break the restrictions and police enforcement is at the ready. “Covid Marshalls” will also be employed to break up large groups.

It has been stated that the new rules are much “clearer” so it will be interesting to see how much clarity actually does follow…

Mars Retrogrades every 2 years or so but 2020 is particularly interesting in that Mars is in domicile in Aries, potent & strong in its rulership for around six months in total. Not only that, but its Arian journey squares the mighty Capricorn line up of Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto not once, but three times, stoking up an already fraught & frustrated climate of fear.

Mars Rx is taking us back over old ground, forcing a review of the strategy of managing life with Covid-19 and initiating preventative action. How compliance will be managed will become apparent in the next few days & weeks, but the threat of “martial ” action is now quite possibly real, so sit tight as this heats up……

Here are some key “Mars” dates you may find useful:

23/01/21 MARS sq JUPITER (3) 08AQU00

13/01/21 MARS sq SATURN (3) 03AQU20

23/12/20 MARS sq PLUTO (3) 23CAP55

20/12/20 MARS sq degree of JAN SAT/PLU conjunction (3) 22CAP46


19/10/20 MARS Rx sq JUPITER (2) 19CAP27

09/10/20 MARS Rx sq PLUTO (2) 22CAP29

08/10/20 MARS Rx sq degree of JAN SAT/PLU conjunction (2) 22CAP46

29/09/20 MARS Rx sq SATURN (2) 25CAP20


24/08/20 MARS sq SATURN (1) 26CAP19

13/08/20 MARS sq PLUTO (1) 23CAP05

12/08/20 MARS Rx sq degree of JAN SAT/PLU conjunction (1) 22CAP46

04/08/20 MARS sq JUPITER (1) 19CAP44


MARS IN SHADOW 25 JULY 2020 – 02 JAN 2021

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