The UK in 2021 – A Saturn Uranus Make & Break

2020 has been a year far beyond what anyone expected. The long-discussed Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn sure enough brought global corporate, social & economic crises as old defunct systems and misuse of power have been challenged and held to account. Some will be restructured and reborn, others razed to the ground forever as a new cycle in history begins.

Saturn Pluto cycles have long been associated with war (WWI, WW11, The Cold War, Vietnam & Falklands War all started under hard aspects of this cycle) and this time it seems a virus is playing the role of  global enemy, feeding into collective fear, attacking & disrupting not only business, finance & social activities but the very core of society itself, family life.

But what of 2021? What will be the big story? It’s safe to assume Covid-19 will continue impacting society, especially economically, as we are forced to adapt to a new way of living. Many of us are hoping for “things to get better next year.”

Saturn, the planet of structure, boundaries, establishment, control & restriction will continue to headline, but this time in a waning square to Uranus, the planet of progression, forward thinking, rebellion & individualism.

They will clash heads three times in 2021 – February, June and December[1] between 07-130 of Taurus and Aquarius and this will be the signature energy throughout, particularly where there are any planets between 05-150 of the fixed signs (allowing a small orb either side).

Saturn Uranus cycles take ~ 45 years, with this current one beginning in 1988 with a conjunction in Sagittarius. This heralded the start of the internet, enabling global communication and access to information at the touch of a button. Pioneering technology (Uranus) was growing at an exponential rate with the foundations (Saturn) laid to connect members of society anywhere at any time (Uranus). The Iron Curtain was also dismantling with the Berlin Wall falling the year after in 1989. Interestingly, the last time this cycle occurred in Sagittarius was the 1400’s when the printing press was invented enabling the Printing Revolution and the Stecknitz Canal, the first artificial waterway created. Social & political barriers are therefore clearly an important theme.

Before looking more at 2021 a few Saturn Uranus archetypes show what the pairing of these two planets can mean:

  • Old vs New, Past vs Future
  • Structure vs Change
  • Material Innovation
  • Order & restriction vs Freedom
  • Authority vs Rebellion
  • Right wing vs Left wing
  • Government vs science

Now bring in the hard, tense, reactionary energy of the square:

  • Forced to progress
  • Establishing new order via crises, rebellion, or difficulty
  • Forced to innovate, scientific breakthroughs
    • Accidents, crashes, crises, sudden breakdown
  • Civil & political unrest, anarchy, catalytic tension & progression
    • Political/economic destabilization
    • Social separation, restricted movement & growth

Returning to the current cycle, looking back at the first, or waxing square, in 1999-2000 gives some indications of what we might expect. The action orientated energy of this aspect is all about new ideas/projects taking root and here Saturn in Taurus is laying firm, fertile foundations for innovation, Uranus in Aquarius is strongly progressive, radical and full of futuristic ideas to advance society. Taurus is very much about money and resources, so an important example of innovation from this time is the establishment of the Euro currency & European Central Bank assuming full powers.

Politically, 1999 in the UK saw the First Welsh Assembly in 600 years opened in Cardiff and the Scottish Parliament officially opened, with devolved powers officially transferred to both from London. Northern Ireland followed later that year. And this example is what I will now focus on.

2021’s waning square is the last major point as the current cycle winds down. It is now about rearranging skills and maximising their effectiveness in preparation for the next cycle. Saturn in Aquarius is about using the foundations built earlier authoritatively & correctly for the benefit of society, to utilize & sustain innovation. Uranus in Taurus can bring social and economic disruption over the value of what has been innovated.

As I write during these tense times political divide in the UK is growing with the public mood agitated & frustrated at the unstable everchanging (Uranus) restrictions (Saturn). We are increasingly divided not just by opinion and social distancing, but by devolved nations and now Covid dictated regional tiers.

Looking at the 2021 UK astrology in relation to this cycle shows a consistent theme that the devolved nations are firmly stamping their authority and making use of growing political power and independence. Analysing each chart and country in detail is beyond the scope of this article, so what follows is an overview which will be explored in more detail in the near future.

2021 begins with a curtain raiser to the Saturn Uranus squares as Jupiter squares Uranus at 06043 of Taurus/Aquarius on January 17th 2021. Inflammatory Mars joins Uranus creating high octane, high risk, explosive break-away energy. Jupiter planet of expansion, growth, justice and principles will amplify and kick start all that is set to play out. Recall, we are focusing on 05-150 of the fixed signs.

Starting with Scotland when devolved powers were officially transferred from London to Scotland in 1999 and its First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Both charts are strong in fixed planets &/or angles which will pick up the key degrees. The shared 07Aquarius Moon stands out in that both her and the Scottish people need and seek political independence and Saturn will hit this exactly in February.

Using another Scottish chart (the 1005 crowning of Malcolm II), the 060 Descendent which conjoins Nicola’s Moon which again will be exactly triggered. A picture is building of progressive leadership & people cataylsed to “do their own thing”, breakaway even.

Moving to Wales, again when devolved powers were officially transferred from London to the Welsh Assembly and its First Minister, Mark Drakeford.[2] Mark’s Scorpio Saturn/Venus which squares the Wale’s Leo Moon/Mercury will be triggered – he is already displaying decisive “all or nothing” leadership with Wales entering another full lockdown on 23rd October.

Similarly with Northern Ireland when devolved power was passed from London to Belfast & First Minister Arlene Foster.[3]  Arlene’s Leo Mercury opposing the NI Aquarius stellium will be triggered. NI’s Saturn will pick up the third and final square in December.

Looking at the NI 1921 Partition Chart – its Taurus Mercury/Sun again picks up the Saturn Uranus energy, painting a similar picture…its Sun also picks up the third and final square in December…

There’s little doubt Saturn Uranus in 2021 will play a huge part in the future of these devolved countries. But what of the UK itself?

The 1801 UK Union’ financial Venus Mars square will be triggered later in the year, Mars taking the full force of the final square in December in line with NI (although Brexit could be a factor here). Boris’ Jupiter Neptune bubble will be aggravated so may well burst.

But thinking in terms of the whole Saturn Uranus cycle, the next one begins in 2032 at 28001 Gemini. A more detailed study is needed to shows if any full break-away is possible, but Gemini is more localised than Sagittarius, regional vs global and this perhaps sets the scene for the foreseeable future.

Saving the best to last (sorry, this is the last one!!) however continues to suggest us adapting to standing alone whilst still belonging – which the 1066’s mutable Moon Uranus Square picks up beautifully…..

Fireworks at New Year may be more muted than usual, but politically 2021 looks unstable for the UK as citizens demand correct use of political authority. Like a glacier calving, with so much radical, uncompromising energy some form of division and breaking away on both a national and regional level is quite possible. Overall, the zeitgeist of 2021 looks to be of redefined and reinforced borders and, not without a fight, a new sense of citizen-based control on both a micro and macro level.

Copyright L.C. McCafferty 21/10/2020


[1] 17/02/2021 07011 TAU/AQU, 14/06/2021 13007 TAU/AQU Rx, 24/12/2021 11005 TAU/AQU

[2] Set for Noon as no TOB.

[3] Set for Noon as no TOB.

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